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Sajeev nursery was established by Mr Vishwas Patil & Mrs. Vijaya Patil in a belief to build bio-diverse natural ecosystem and to help our local people through employment.

Since 1998, we have provided millions of plants to landscapers, contractors and individuals throughout western india. We have provided high quality plants to our customers. We carry a large inventory of native trees, shrubs, seasonal plants, indoor and outdoor plants etc.We are one stop solution for your wholesale and retail need.

“Hope you and us make this planet greener”

With our vast experience over 25 years, we are producing, cultivating and marketing different types of plants. We have more than thousand of varieties of plants in our production farm at Top, Kolhapur.Mrs. Patil got various awards for her work. She has been awarded with Krishibhushan.


Mrs. Vijaya Patil


Mrs. Vijaya Patil is a founder of sajeev nursery. She started it as a hobby and family need. Fourty people staff is working under her. She has a deep knowledge of plants and their maintaince. She handles purchase, labor management etc. She has been awarded with Krishibhushan in the year 2017. She won various awards in agriculture for her splendid work.


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